Twelve Nights 2000 – 十二夜

I Love Maria 1988 - 铁甲无敌玛利亚
A Better Tomorrow 1986 - 英雄本色

Description:This movie goes through 12 significant nights (not consecutive nights) in a relationship between two characters. The movie offers some insight into the repetion involved in relationship cycles from interest through various tensions to eventual disinterest.

Director:Aubrey Lam Oi-Wah
Cast:Eason Chan ,Cecilia Cheung, Candy Lo Hau-Yam, Ronald Cheng, Stephen Fung Tak-Lun, Nicola Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Sue Au, Siu Ye-Jim, Wong Shiu-Keung, Wong Man-Chun, Cheuk Wan-Chi

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