Just 1 Day (2022) – 給我1天

Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (2009) - 机器侠
Z Storm (2014) - Z風暴

Description:When bank staffer Angelfish goes back to her old school for an alumni party, she runs into urban sketch artist Mosaic. He’s still harbouring a crush on her, and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to drive her home. While he’s initially disappointed to find out that she’s in a relationship, her affair with a taken man is actually about to fall apart. And later on, an opportunity arises for them to be together amid difficult circumstances.

Country: Hong Kong
Director: Erica Li
Actors: Charlene ChoiEric Kwok Wai-LeungKathy YuenKenny Wong Tak-BanLeung Ka KiStephen Tang Shu-WingSunny ChanWong Cho-lam
Genres: Drama

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