Heroic Legend of the Yang’s Family – 碧血青天楊家將

Heroic Legend of the Yang's Family - 碧血青天楊家將 - Episode 01
The Beauty Of War - 美麗戰場

Description: In a fierce battle against the invading army of its neighboring country Liao, Song’s main force, the famous Yang’s Troop, suffers a complete defeat due to failure of prompt backup from its General in Chief Pong Loong, who is jealous of the Yangs of their military honors. Later, in the investigation ovr the defeat, the Justice Pao finds solid evidence against Loong of his fraternization with Liao, which leads to the execution of Loong, and thus arouses hatred between Yang’s Family and Loong’s father, the Grand Tutor Pong.Realizing his identity as a Yang’s offspring after being out of contact with the Yangs for ages, Liao General Yollig Chung-Yuen returns to the land of Song for a reunion with his own birth parents. Seeing it a chance to maliciously revenge on the Yangs, Pong strives for the execution of Chung-Yuen. After his evil plan is destroyed by Justice Pao, Pong decides to vent his hatred on another Yang’s member Chung-Po by framing him as a rebel, aiming to have the whole Yang’s Family executed as traitors.

As the war between Song and Liao becomes more intense, the female warriors of Yang’s put aside their personal hatred and set out for safeguard against the invaders. Unknowing that the Grand Tutor Pong has fraternized with Liao, the Yang’s Army gets trapped and surrounded by the enemy and is facing a life-and-death situation….

北宋,文有開封府包拯,武有天波府楊家將,共同保衛宋室江山。天聖年間,強鄰遼國野心勃勃,興兵南侵,意圖一舉滅宋。楊家將第二代六郎楊延昭臨危受命,披甲上陣,可是被征西元帥龐龍出賣,於天狼山陷入敵軍重重包圍,苦戰下延昭最終戰死遼境。 楊文廣(李潤祺飾)欲替祖父報仇卻事敗,反被太師龐雄(秦沛飾)追究,宋仁宗(潘志文飾)把案件交予開封府府尹包拯(金超群飾)審理。延昭之子楊宗保(徐少強飾)與龐龍在公堂上當面對質,二人各執一詞,最終包拯、展昭(甄志強飾)等人設計讓龐龍親自寫下罪狀,龐龍被判龍頭鍘。喪子的太師誓殺包拯和楊家將以祭兒子在天之靈,於是楊家將聯同包拯一起展開對抗龐太師的局面……

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 30 Episodes
Release Date: 1984
Cast: Norman Chu, Jin Chao-chun, Paul Chun, Yan Chi-keung

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