Daddy Cool – 逆緣

Daddy Cool - 逆緣 - Episode 01
Royal Feast (TVB Version) - 尚食

Description: CHUNG TING-KWOK (Carlos Chan), a guerrilla who was cryogenically frozen more than 70 years ago during the Second Sino-Japanese War, is accidentally thawed amid a storm, only to find himself in the year of 2018. Looking for his family, TING-KWOK is shocked to see how his descendants have gone astray. His son HO WO-PING (David Chiang) defrauds the social welfare system; whereas his grandson HO WING-LIN (Wayne Lai) poses as a Feng Shui master to exploit people’s superstitions for profit. On top of that, WING-LIN even gets caught in the complicated relationship involving a mysterious wealthy woman YUNG CHI-KIU (Patricia Ha), SHOJI AKI (Lam Ha Mei) and tycoon TONG CHAK-CHING (Lai Lok Yi). Between covering up a murder and getting dragged into an unwanted battle over hidden gold, TING-KWOK is determined to rescue his family, no matter what……


Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 35 Episodes
Release Date: 02 April 2018
Cast: Wayne Lai, Carlos Chan, David Chiang, Rosina Lam, Joel Chan, Pat Ha, Lai Lok-yi, Elvina Kong, Kandy Wong, Mary Hon, Helen Ma, Stefan Wong

List Episodes: Daddy Cool - 逆緣 (English subtitles) (English subtitles)

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