Cold Blood Warm Heart – 天地男兒

Cold Blood Warm Heart - 天地男兒 - Episode 01
ICAC Investigators 2022 - 廉政行動2022

Description: Tsui Wing-pong (Adam Cheng) and Tsui Ka-lap (Gallen Lo) are adopted brothers. Wing-pong was sent to the Tsui family when he was very young because his biological father abandoned the family during a difficult period. Over the years, Wing-pong bears a deep grudge against his biological father, who is the owner of the Yip family bank. At the same time, the Yip family had a dark past and some dangerous secrets.

Lo Chi-kin (Julian Cheung) is the new head of Wing-pong’s division at the police station. He has a sister Rebecca Lo Wai-fong (Christine Ng), for whom Wing-pong had an unrequited love. Chi-kin and his best friend Yip Sing-hong (Louis Koo) fall in love with Fong Hau-yung (Nadia Chan), who works at the bank run by the Yip family and so was she. However, Chi-kin and Hau-yung were forced to give up on each other, due to some circumstances, and Chi-kin ends up marrying Cheung Suet-ying (Jessica Hsuan), who is actually in love with Wing-pong’s brother, Tsui Ka-lap.

During one murder case, Wing-pong was falsely accused as the murderer and was sent to jail. Following his release, he discovered that his brother, Ka-lap, was the real murderer and was also involved in many other criminal activities. It was later revealed that Ka-kap had the backing of the Yip family to commit the crimes he did. Seeing that there is no other choice, Wing-pong embarked on a dangerous journey to capture Ka-lap and to investigate the dark secrets that the Yip family held, but not without the unforeseen consequences of the sacrifice that the major characters had to make.


Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 65 Episodes
Release Date: 05 February 1996
Cast: Adam Cheng, Gallen Lo, Julian Cheung, Louis Koo, Christine Ng, Adia Chan, Jessica Hsuan

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