Wax And Wane – 團圓

Forensic JD - 女法医JD
Lu Siniang: Legend of Ching Lady - 呂四娘

Description: YUNG SHING-FUN (Lau Siu Ming) and his cousin MAN WING-CHEONG (Chow Chung) have been at odds for years over the trade name right of a noodle shop. YUNG YI-TSUN (Kwok Tsun On), FUN’s eldest son, is engaging in a property developing project. Not entirely willingly, he offers to buy out the location of CHEONG’s noodle shop with his company’s shares. He also invites CHEONG and his son, MAN KA-FUNG (Chan Kam Hung), to join the company’s management. In fact, TSUN hates FUNG to the core, for he has married his girlfriend KO WAI-TING (Kwok Siu Wan). TSUN’s younger brother, YUNG YI-HANG (Ron Ng), is going out with CHEONG’s second daughter, MAN KA-FU (Kate Tsui), disregards his family’s opposition. TSUN always looks worried, as he has to handle his family issues single-handedly. He never understood what family really means, nor had the courage to try to find it out, until he gets to know more about MAN’s family. And before he knows it, he has an ineffable feeling of affection towards FU…

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 30 Episodes
Release Date: 2011
Cast: Roger Kwok, Sunny Chan, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Lau Siu-ming, Toby Leung, Him Law, Benz Hui, Chow Chung, Derek Kok, Claire Yiu, Oscar Leung, Florence Kwok

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