I Love Maria 1988 – 铁甲无敌玛利亚

Final Destiny - 一笑渡凡間
Twelve Nights 2000 - 十二夜

Description:RoboCop as a woman… The Hero Gang is a nasty group of thugs terrorizing Hong Kong with their killer robots, Pioneers 1 and 2. While Pioneer 1 looks like an oridinary robot, Pioneer 2 has been modelled on Maria, the gang’s #2 thug. When Pioneer 2 gets damaged during a mission to kill an outcast gang member, an inventor on the police force takes her and changes some of her programming. This new code, plus a few injuries to her logic center, start causing Pioneer 2 to develop her own personality.

Director:Tsui Hark, David Chung
Cast:Tsui Hark, Sally Yeh, John Shum, Kin-Fun Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Lam Ching-Ying, Paul Chun, Ben Lam, Dennis Chan Kwok-San

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