Heart and Greed 3 – 溏心風暴3

Heart and Greed 3 - 溏心風暴3 - Episode 01
Against Darkness - 黯夜守護者

Description: Heart of Greed III describes two families with Hong Kong characteristics. On one hand, there is the British-style noble family, who immigrated over a hundred years ago during colonial times, They are blue-blood, disconnected elites – the true upper class, represented by the elegant British black tea. On the other hand, there is the grassroots, grounded family, who became rich due to the opportunities ofthe era and their fighting spirit. Theyarerepresented by the ordinary Hong Kong-style milk tea. By chance, the two families undergo a commercial merger. Their traits, preferences, education and quality are completely uncoordinated and do not fit together. One side speaks Oxford English, while the other side speaks colloquialism. One side must descend from the upper class to the lower class. The other side uses money to build an air of nobility and learns to be part of the upper class. Both types of families are considered to be the essence of Hong Kong culture. Their incompatibilities make for jokes, but also show the ugliness of humanity. In the end, the “grounded” family falls apart internally, with the head of the family toppled, siblings becoming rivals, and uncle and nephew in confrontation. It sets off another big storm. But there is still love inthe world. After the storm, repentance is accepted and the conclusion of everything is motto of this series: “Using family as the basis, usinglove to surround the family.”


Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 40 Episodes
Release Date: 27 November 2017
Cast: Bosco Wong, Wong Ho Shin, Cenlico Wong, Wong Choi Suk
Genre: Family, Romance, TV Series

List Episodes: Heart and Greed 3 - 溏心風暴3 (English subtitles) (English subtitles)

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