Cheer Up My Life – 으라차차 내 인생 (English subtitles)

The Secret House - 비밀의 집 (English subtitles)
Our Blues - 우리들의 블루스 (English subtitles)

Description: Coming from a humble family background, Seo Dong Hee (Nam Sang Ji) aspires to be a designer, but struggles to find her path. Though single, she becomes mother to her young niece, Seo Hye Na (Kim Ha Yeon), and decides to raise her herself. Dong Hee gets involved with Kang Cha Yul (Yang Byyng Yeol),a second-generation chaebol with brains and good looks. Cha Yul’s father wishes him to follow in his footsteps, but he really wishes to forge his own path, but soon realizes he cannot do so without his father’s support. He reluctantly agrees to work for the company for a year.

A.K.A:Bravo, My Life
Genre:Family, Romance
Times:120 Episodes
Release Date:11 April 2022
Production company(s):KBS1
Director:Sung Joon Hae
Cast:Nam Sang Ji, Yang Byung Yeol, Lee Si Kang, Cha Min Ji, Kim Hee Jung, Kim Ha Yeon, Sul Jung Hwan, Lee Dae Yeon

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